EMCC needed to ship their resin based, solid, flowable product to one of their customers in a large metric ton FIBC (bulk bag). Due in part to their customer’s unique discharging situation, the bag needed to be:

  • Highly customized
  • Strong enough to handle the target weight
  • Safely grounded during filling and discharging

All these requirements created a completely customized and very expensive bulk bag, which EMCC’s customer would have to throw away after a single use. This would result in a costly, wasteful and environmentally unfriendly packaging solution for their customer and a very expensive package for EMCC.


PPC’s experts worked hand-in-hand with EMCC to develop a bag that incorporated all the necessary custom bag features their customer needed and that could be safely re-used multiple times, saving significant packaging costs with each re-use. PPC then developed a proprietary closed loop refurbishing program where each bag shipped by EMCC to a customer could be safely re-used many times.



Under this program all empty bags were picked up by PPC from the discharging customer at no charge to the customer and returned to our facility for a full inspection, cleaning (cleaning removes up to 99.999% of all previous material), and re-certification of electrostatic conductive properties. The bag was essentially fully refurbished by PPC to like new

condition, allowing it to be safely used again. The program also included automated bar code usage to track key parameters such as bag usage, delivery and repair history, average bag life-span, etc.


PPC listened to our customer’s needs and developed a unique solution that allowed EMCC and their customer to implement a completely customized bulk bag at a very economical price per use. EMCC was able to save significantly more money than if they had used a standard bulk bag.

With PPC’s re-use program, EMCC was able to fill the right package, on-time, and avoid the high cost and risk associated with buying a new bag for each use. EMCC’s customer was able to receive the package with no additional up-charge for customization, while enjoying lower overall handling and packaging waste stream expense.

As this re-use program matured additional features like “Forever Bag Replacement” and “One Standard Bag Price” helped form the industry leading Smart-UseTM program.