PPC’s Smart-Use™ program is the most economical, beneficial, and comprehensive bulk packaging (FIBC bags) re-use program in the industry. Smart-Use™ has driven supply chain profitability for our customers and saved them from these costly packaging risks, including:

  •  Failure Risks

Smart-Use™ eliminates design failures, bad raw materials or manufacturing errors. Every bag has been successfully test filled and discharged and certified safe for re-use.

  •  Availability Risks

Smart-Use™ is a closed-loop system. We work with you to identify all outgoing shipment locations and then work directly with your customers to ensure simple, no-cost return of your bulk packaging to us for refurbishing and re-use. We use our computerized barcode inventory monitoring system to ensure an adequate supply of bags are always available for you.

  • Price Risks

Smart-Use™ re-uses your existing bulk packaging saving you up to 50% with each re-use and eliminates the need for you to purchase new bulk packaging (bags) and the associated risks of price fluctuations due to increases in plastic resin costs.

  • Environmental Risks

Smart-Use™ eliminates the hazard and cost of shipping used bulk packaging to landfills, reduces waste streams, simplifies the re-use process and drives bulk packaging sustainability.

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Return Them All

PPC’s Return Them All solution eliminates the need for your dischargers to sort and separate their bulk packaging waste stream. They simply return all used bulk bags to PPC, where we sort, separate, process, refurbish, recycle and re-use.

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