Who can I contact regarding my refurbishing needs?

Please visit our partner, The Bag Connection (TBC), who we merged with in October 2017. Click here to be directed to TBC’s website or call 1-800-879-2247 for assistance.

What Are FIBCs?

FIBC stands for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container. They are also known as Bulk Bags, Big Bags, Jumbo Sacks and Totes. They are made from woven polypropylene and are used to store and/or transport large amounts (usually 1,000 lbs. or more) of material.

Can FIBCs Be Used More Than Once?

We only recommend re-using FIBCs if they have been properly cleaned, tested, refurbished and certified for reuse. PPC’s Smart-Use(TM) program has helped hundreds of customers successfully re-use their FIBCs.

What Are the Size Options for FIBCs?

One of the major advantages of FIBCs is that they can be made in nearly any size so long as the height of the bag does not exceed twice the base dimensions. For example a bag with a base dimension of 35″ x 35″ cannot be more than 70″ tall. PPC can customize any size bulk bag, depending upon your requirements.

How Do You Transport FIBCs?

There are several options for moving FIBCs. These include lift loops, pallet underneath bag, lifting sleeves, stevedore straps and a single point crane lift. We can also customize the lifting options to meet your specific needs.

How Do You Fill FIBCs?

FIBC’s can be filled via a fill spout on the top of the bag. This fill spout can be a standard size (14” x 18”), duffle top (larger opening) or we can develop a customized fill spout.

How Do You Discharge FIBCs?

The most common method is through a discharge spout on the bottom of the bag. The discharge spout can also be inside a pajama or star cut closure on the bottom of the bag. The closure is designed to protect the spout and to prevent product from leaking or sifting out of the outlet before discharge. We can also customize discharge spouts to meet your specific requirements.