PPC eliminates packaging risks and drives supply chain profitability for manufacturers of solid, flowable materials

Our experts, with hundreds of years of packaging experience, do this by providing industry leading products and services that are designed to:

  • Reduce Supply Chain Costs
  • Eliminate Design Errors
  • Avoid Costly Packaging Stock Outs
  • Solve Global Procurement Challenges
  • Stop Quality Problems

Our Mission:

Quite simply, we are obsessed with delivering world-class quality packaging solutions that are affordable and sustainable.

Our solutions dramatically reduce our customers overall packaging risks such as design or product failure, inventory availability, price variability and environmental disposal. Our related supply chain logistical solutions help our customers implement, manage and enjoy an efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly packaging supply chain.

Our Logo:

PPC’s logo is based on our culture of building strong working relationships with our customers to develop and provide the right solutions for you. Therefore, our logo has deep meaning:

PPC Logo

  • The Intertwined PP – Represents a “Packaging Partnership” with our customers.
  • The Modernistic Font of the PPC Letters – Symbolizes our innovative, latest technology-based approach.
  • The Slanted Italic Fonts – Show energy and forward movement together
  • The Sharp-edged, Bold, Deep Blue in the PPC Letters – Signify our commitment to world-class quality assurance.
  • The Circular, Equal-Sized Green ‘Action Arrows’ – Highlight our intense commitment to sustainability with re-use and/or recycling solutions provided whenever possible; while balancing the proper blend of quality, affordability, and sustainability.

We are responsive, intelligent, technically proficient and professional. Our culture thrives on a strong working relationship with our customers and we always start by listening to your needs and then work closely with your team to intelligently develop the right solution for you. We invest heavily in our quality systems. We have a well-equipped on-site QC lab and stringent processes ranging from specification development to production and sourcing to detailed inspections and on-time deliveries. We stand behind everything we produce and provide exceptional post-sale service and support.

Our Hope:

Challenge PPC! Share your packaging challenges with us and that we’ll work together to propose a higher quality, more cost-effective and sustainable solution. We encourage you to ‘Test Drive’ our solutions at no-cost to you! Our Proof-of Concept pilots help us discover exactly what’s best for you and with you. Challenge us! Prove the Concept first – Ensure it is right for you, then start enjoying the benefits of a quality, affordable, and sustainable solution.

Our Products

PPC is a leading supplier of new bulk bags (FIBC) and packaging supplies. We also maintain an extensive inventory of refurbished Better Than New bags to meet your specific needs. Our experts are always available to speak with you about how we can meet your bulk packaging needs while saving up to 50% over other suppliers.

Our Services

Our experts provide a suite of packaging solutions to our customers. They include our Smart-Use™ program, which has helped companies from small materials manufacturers to ExxonMobil realize substantial savings in new bulk packaging and disposal costs. We also provide refurbishing, recycling, testing, certification, design, global procurement and other consulting services.

Our Customers

We pride ourselves on our commitment and dedication to serving our customers, no matter how large or small. We have helped a wide range of materials manufacturers eliminate packaging risks and drive supply chain profitability with our industry leading packaging solutions.