In October 2017, PPC merged with The Bag Connection (TBC) a FIBC return-to-service provider and subsidiary of Bulk Lift International, a leading FIBC manufacturer

Our integrated company will provide better service, support, and product than either of us could provide on our own resulting in the strongest North American presence in our industry. This merger will also enable us to continue, and further enhance, already excellent packaging programs while significantly decreasing the number of bulk bags and plastic plastics previously landfilled. Since TBC is a subsidiary of Bulk Lift International, customer wll be provided with excellent technical support, design, and supply options supplementing our refurbishing services.

We are all excited to work with TBC to benefit from their scale, support network, and geographic locations. We look forward to continuing as your partner in sustainability throughout your transport packaging supply chain. For more information on The Bag Connection, please click here.